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What do you have playing for your patients? The news, weather, maybe a midday soap opera?

Let us curate the best short films and carefully craft an experience for your patients that will leave them uplifted.

We know that the news can be divisive and the weather downright stressful. So why start off a patient's experience in your facility that way?

Your care environments—waiting rooms, patient care spaces, individual rooms—are crucial to patients’ experiences. The content you stream is just as important.

By working closely with healthcare providers, we curate world-class short documentaries, beautiful video, and informative content that will help promote an uplifting and calming environment for your patients!

Your healing environment matters.

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The Research…

As we developed media to replace conventional cable TV in healthcare spaces we wanted to make sure it was in line with the available research on the impact of the healthcare environment on patient outcomes, education, and experience.

Our content is particularly suited towards three key areas of improving patient outcomes: the introduction of nature, art, and information.


Research suggests that positive distractions have the “capacity to quickly and effectively promote restoration from stress.” (Ulrich, et al.)

Studies have found that viewing nature can help relieve patients’ stress levels. Even a few minutes of viewing nature settings can promote beneficial changes in physiological systems, like lowering blood pressure.


There is research to suggest that video presentation can be an effective method of passing on knowledge, skills, and behavior changes for patients. These findings suggest that information conveyed to patients through television messaging systems can be potentially beneficial to a patient’s recovery and overall wellness. (Nielsen)

In addition, there are studies that show broadcast outlets oriented towards entertainment are best suited for conveying information about prevention campaigns. (Dutta-Bergman)


Visual art in hospitals can also provide medical benefits to patients. The addition of art into healthcare settings can improve health, wellbeing, and improve the experience of patients. (Lankston, et al)

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